High Pressure Nitrogen Generation - MSS NitroCubeā„¢

Onsite Nitrogen Generation Systems

The real alternative to bulk, liquid or bundled cylinder nitrogen gas


The NitroCube Range

Available in 5 standard sizes with up to 1200 m3/day of generated nitrogen, the NitroCube nitrogen generator range has been designed for laser cutting and other high pressure nitrogen applications.

The NitroCube range and high pressure cylinder pack storage options is fully modular, allowing limitless options for flowrate and storage capacity.


  Features & benefits of MSS NitroCube compared with traditional nitrogen gas supply methods

  • Low cost nitrogen: Save Money $$ proven cost savings compared to traditional supply methods
  • Convenient: Save Time No cylinder changeovers, stoppages for tank filling, reduced administration
  • Reduce road transport: Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • The most compact system available today: Save space
  • Nitrogen available 24/7
  • No unplanned gas outages
  • No wasted gas - only generate gas used - no 'boil off' or loss through cylinder changeover
  • No rental or delivery charges
  • No complex and restrictive gas supply contracts
  • No surprise & sudden price changes


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A very simple and economical solution for Nitrogen Generation for laser cutting pplications


  24 Hour operation

24/7 continuous operation with no machine downtime, no gas waste or running out of gas unexpectedly.


  No oxide edge

Enable high power lasers to cut carbon steels faster and cheaper than oxygen, with NO oxidation. Increasing your competitive edge.


  Self financing

Use money which would otherwise have been spent on ready made nitrogen, effectively a consumable.


MSS Nitrogen has operations in UK & US specialising in the supply of high pressure Nitrogen Generation systems for laser cutting and other industrial applications.

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